Hyvät Hyssykät is a singing-ensemble consist of three colorful women. The name of this composition could been translate in English: Goodness´ sake! or My goodness! Annika, Noora and Heidi have been singing together since 1999; at first in band called Shimmer and since 2002 in this singing-ensemble called Hyvät Hyssykät.

The ensemble weaves its´ music in pop-music way between rock, soul, classical music and folk music. In the other hand it flashes its´ musical sketches near to acappella singing-ensembles. Personal sound and life-tasted songs of the ensemble are the results of the years of singing together. The singers of  Hyvät Hyssykät are each studying and working among music.

Hyvät Hyssykät has released their first album "Kauniimpi" on October 2008. The whole production is by ensemble´s own hand. One can hear in its´ music the echo of homeland and home area. The songs are born from everything between heaven and earth - whatever heard, seen, laughed at, cried, lived and felt together. Part of the songs are tittering like Ostrobothnian irony and humour, and hand in hand go touching, serious and thoughtful poem-songs.

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